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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Solar power and wind power guide

Green power Easy is the e-book entitles that the easy DIY guide to Solar and Wind Power. When you open up this book the first thing you detect is the topics which Peter and Jennifer go. From page one you get the feeling you are in full helping hands.

The first 8 subdivisions take you on a circuit of alternative energy, explaining exactly what it is and the various types (ways of giving) of environmentally friendly electrical power.

The following 7 subdivisions cover free energy preservation. This is not always an obvious measure for for peoples considering bringing forth their own free energy but it is essential. First of all you need to consider the bigger facts, I.e the planet. Cutting down free energy use is just good sense. Even free energy should not be rotted. In practice the cost of your home gullible free energy system will be directly related to the amount of powerfulness you take in so if you can bring down you power intake before you start then your installment costs can be dramatically marked down.

The next three subdivisions cover choosing the right gullible free energy solutions for you and the benefits and drawbacks of a DIY alternative energy organization. This is an significant subdivision as we have found out of many peoples using these DIY alternative energy guidebooks to produce impressive electrical energy bringing forth systems that just didn't work in pattern because the emplacement or situation of the house was not worthy for the solution used.

The record then moves into the first virtual direction and contains and impressive 23 subdivisions committed to building a solar panel. To say this portion of the book is 'in-depth' is bit of an understatement. It takes you by the hand and heads through every procedure needed to construct and ride a solar panel. It includes everything from, creating the weatherproof living accommodations through soldering the solar cells to setting up and putting on the finished solar panel.

The Green Power Easy guidebook, like most of it's competitions claim that you need no DIY skills at all and that this can all be done by anyone. While this true for the majority of peoples you may be the kind of somebody really can't place a shelf up! If this is you then you should think carefully before taking on any of the labors in this book. - or get a more able champion to help. Although highly uncomplicated it does postulate sawing, boring, gluing, screwing and soldering. Even if you have never soldered before it should take about 10-15 minutes practice to gain enough technique to be able to join the solar cells. Just make sure you use on some surplus lozenge conducting wire first DON'T leap straight on the solar cells. The biggest crest we can give you from our experience is to see everything you solder is made clean with a very fine emery table (your married woman's nail data file) or very fine sandpapering newspaper.

The next portion of the Green Power Easy book contains 15 subdivisions that takes you through building a wind generator. It covers the rules of wind powered electrical energy coevals in details and draws exactly what each portion does and how it works. It includes a full outfit listing and the tools commanded to finish the projection.

Where as the solar panel fees tail a significant amount of soldering and has no going regions, the wind generator, on the other hand is a far more 'mechanical' challenge. This is clearly understood by the writers and they line the elaborated build in very easy terminal figures. One of the main challenges in a wind generator is the blades. The whole task can dwell or conk on the steel figure, quality and balance. Green Power Easy brilliantly covers the product of the wind generator swords and shows you the best method acting for attaining a perfectly balanced sword gathering. The subdivision reasons with the putting on pole and last installation of you wind generator.

The final subdivisions of the Green Power Easy book cover the 'wiring up' and the electric warehousing and control system. This is an area where many of the other guidebooks we have reviewed fall down. They give sensible build up directions but when it comes to the intricate interconnection and control they skip over it. Turning over less item than is really needed to fully understand and more significantly construct the wholes. Green Power Easy speeches this problem head on and has included the same level of contingent here as in the rest of their alternative energy guide.

Each constituent is talked over in detail, in it's own subdivision, including Array DC Disconnect, Charge Controller, Deep Cycle Batteries, System Meter Controller, Main DC Disconnect, Inverter, KW per Hour Measure & Backup Power. Don't be put off by the listing, as I said everything is drawn in moment point and a complete wiring overview and directions are let in. Although I have composed a relatively little paragraph on this contribution of the Green powerfulness Easy book, it is one it's strengths that helped us select Green Power Easy as our number one option.

The 3 subdivisions trace the scheme picks. These are :

1. Portable or Autonomous power systems, i.e. smaller organizations that are used to powerfulness one or more electric appliances on their own electrical circuits.

2. Grid inter-tied, or incorporated systems, i.e. a system that is electrically incorporated into your home electrical energy wiring tours along with your areas national powerfulness grid.

3.Off-Grid power systems, i.e. a completely autonomous power system banking 100 % on fleeceable free energy with no connection to the national power grid.

With the final 5 sections covering detailed wiring plans for all the various configurations including the connections into your homes breaker box.

For more information about this e-book on how to generate free electricity for your home today visit this link. Green Power Easy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The top D.I.Y. guides to build your own electric generator.

We are going to review three top electric saving products here, all of them i personally tired and would recommend all of these guides for anyone who wants to have free electricity and cut or eliminate their electric bill.

1.Earth 4 Energy

The Earth4Energy manual claims it can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bill, and even eliminate it completely. So does it live up your expectations? Read on to find out.


*Value for money
Although similarly priced to its competitors, the Earth4Energy manual is not only the longest guide, but also the most complete. And if the guide could not answer any questions we had, the great customer support helped fill in the blanks, which brings us to our next point...

*Excellent customer service
Our support tickets were answered quickly and very thoroughly. Also, a while back i recommended they provide video instructions to help people picture the building process better and guess what? They recently did!

*Excellent solar panel plans
The solar panel system plans were the most comprehensive and thanks to the great instructional videos, they were by far the easiest to follow. Material cost estimates were accurate. The author, Michael Harvey, claims you can get all the solar parts for about $100-$150. I managed to find everything for $117.53. This is a bargain if you think the cost of getting a professional to install these systems can run into thousands of dollars!

visit site

* Need to scale up to achieve desired results
This actually applies to all the energy guides featured on our site. Although it is very possible to get completely off the grid with these plans - ie. generate enough electricity to power every part of your property - you need to scale up. So, depending on your household's average energy consumption, and average hours of sunlight and wind speed, you will most probably have to make more than one solar/wind power system to get the desired results.


With comprehensive plans, step-by-step diagrams, supplementary videos, excellent customer support, and regular updates to meet the growing needs of its users - the Earth4Energy manual and videos will set you well on your way to making your own renewable energy at home. It's no wonder this guide has out-performed it closest rivals by over 500%!

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An Insightful Magniwork Review

The magnetic energy system is very different from either solar power or wind turbine. The technology uses the “attraction and repelling” forces of magnets, which is one of the most abundant, simple and powerful energy sources to generate free electricity.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought. But I bought the book just to find out what’s in store.

After reading the e-book, I decided to write this Magniwork review to share what I’ve learned from the manual.


Low Setup Costs: The great thing about building your own magnetic generator over building your own wind turbine or solar panels, is the extremely low setup costs. With the Magniwork guide, you can be up and running for around $200, plus obviously the time investment in takes you (which is quite fun actually). Compare that to the thousands it would cost you to install solar panels or a wind turbine, or even build them your own.

Easy To Follow: The quality of the Magniwork guide is of satisfactory standard, using diagrams where possible to help illustrate what needs to be done. It would be even better if it went into more detail in some parts, but overall you are able to decipher the instructions with relative ease.

Customer Feedback: Fortunately, Magniwork has a lot of verified customer testimonials to prove the quality of the product. Just read what some of these people think about the guide, and you'll see that it's highly recommended.

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The magnetic generator is a simple concept but involves precision engineering. If it is not built according to specification, it may not work properly.

So, in conclusion of this Magniwork review, you can see that the guide fairs up pretty well. It does a good job of showing you how to build a magnetic generator that is fully capable of powering your home, using materials that are readily available and cost less than $200. The quality of instructions, while not perfect, are completely satisfactory and are enough to guide you step by step through what needs to be done. And on top of all that, there are some very happy customers that have successfully used the Magniwork product to build their own magnetic powered generators, and are now saving a heap of cash each month on their electricity bills. If this sounds like something you'd like to accomplish, as well as the cost savings and sense of accomplishment that comes with building your own generator, then Magniwork is definitely for you.
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3.Power 4 home

With Power4home, the low capital investment allows individuals to recoup their money even though the time provided for accomplishing such task is relatively short. The manual of Power4home covers two energy options that are renewable. One is a do it yourself solar panel and the other is a home windmill generator. Clients can choose which particular set up that fits the current weather climate or use both.

People who live in the sunny area are advised to install the residential type of solar panel. However, for those who reside in an area that is less sunny, then the Power4home windmill is said to be quite successful on the job.

* The Power4Home guide is broken down into three distinct and very separate sections so you can find it much easier to actually put everything together. There is no possible way to confuse the instructions at all, which is why this is the best design possible.
* The illustrations and photos are crystal clear and the instructions precise, more so than with any of the other systems out there so there is absolutely no confusion.
* It only takes a day to build the entire system so you can start saving right away.
* The eBooks are packed full of hints and tips, including plenty on maintenance so you should be able to protect your investment in the coming years.


* The focus is definitely on the solar panel so the wind turbine is slightly neglected. If you want to build a solar panel then this is not an issue but if you do want to build the turbine then prepare to spend more time on it.
* The support is adequate but email responses are not always quick so you might be left hanging for a while if you have a problem with it.
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ALL of these Ebooks are great but they have advantages and disadvantages as you can see but they are a proven working product, I have used them all so if you have any questions just comment and i'll get back to you.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The 5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Solar Energy

When you use a particular thing you may find some good and bad things about it. Every thing has a positive and negative aspect on our life. The same way solar energy also has its few advantages and disadvantages. Though it is thought to be a life saving energy, it does have a few negative aspects to it, which if carefully tackled, can be easily diminished. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

The Advantages of solar energy

1. No pollution: One of the best things about solar energy is that it creates no pollution while in work. The pollution only comes out when it is manufactured in the industries for installation or transportation of the goods. The solar panels require quite an amount of work and manufacturing and this is one aspect where this product causes pollution problems.

2. Quiet Electricity: Another advantage of solar energy is that they are not noisy while producing solar energy. Other electricity suppliers might be noisy and create a lot of disturbance but solar energy produces quiet electricity.

3. Harness Electricity: We can also produce solar energy on such locations, which are not connected to the grid. That means they can be used even to the places where there is no connection given. There is no need to build huge grids if the area has strong sunlight energy, however for areas that have a low level of sunlight, a grid may be required to preserve energy.

4. Providing Light In A Large Area: Another advantage of solar energy is that it can provide light even if it is used on a large place. Which helps everyone in placing lights wherever they want.

5. Cost Effective: Yes. Producing solar energy can be cost effective. They provide you with a free source of electricity and will last for years. You will have to invest initially but It’s Okay to invest in an expense that will give you a budgeted bill or no bill at all for 10, 20 years on right?

The Disadvantages of solar energy

1. Initial Cost: Solar energy can be used for years but its initial cost can be very costly for you. Presently, the prices have raised to $1000. Affording so many solar energy panels could be difficult as a huge house would require a complex setup of solar panels to divert the sunlight for the respective use. Due to this initial price, people are reluctant to invest in this method of energy, and are ignoring the future money that it could be saving you.

2.Affect Of the Weather: The weather has a great affect on the solar energy as the battery works by taking help from the sunrays. Any change in the weather can sometimes not allow you to use solar energy. If your area is snowy and often rains, then it would be a very unlikely task to use solar energy.

3.Daylight Energy: This is the biggest and the worse disadvantage. Solar lights can only be produced during daytime. They cannot be produced during night. This means that you are only able to use it for half day. However, the solution to this also lies in having grids installed at various places.

4.Polluting: Another disadvantage of solar energy is that it releases a lot of pollution. It’s a bad idea for those who are living in a busy place and can affect the business or the industries by polluting their places.

5.Inefficiency: Currently, most solar panels have a 40% efficiency rate.That means that 60% of the potential energy from the sun is not harnessed. Some higher-tech, advanced solar panels have increased efficiency of up to 80%.Each year, more technological advancements are announced, however, that increase efficiency and decrease cost.

If you are considering using solar energy as a source of electricity you should be careful in planning and do your homework on the subject. Solar energy is a good source of energy but you it has it’s disadvantages as you can see, but it is also possible to minimize the disadvantages using the right tactics. There are many DO-IT-YOURSELF guides that teach and show people how to build homemade electric generators that produce free electricity.

For more info on a D.I.Y. that teaches people to build homemade electric generators, large and small click here!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to get free electricity from Ambient Vibration Energy

lets forget about solar energy for a second because this new alternative energy source is..... A rarely known device that uses "Ambient Vibration Energy"... and turns it into free electricity... so you can fully eliminate your power bill for life! This is true stuff we even have videos for all you non believers check it out.

This free source of electricity comes from piezoelectric energy harvesting. Any vibration based energy harvester can be primarily divided into three parts.
The first part consists of the power generator module which converts the ambient
mechanical energy into an electrical equivalent energy. The second part is the
power processor module that effectively processes the converted energy into a
form of DC power. The final module is the power storage architecture which
stores the generated power into a battery or a capacitor efficiently for application
specific end use.

The fundamental concept for piezoelectric energy harvesting involves a
piezoelectric layer attached to a vibrating mechanical structure that converts the
strain energy into induced electric charge. A miniature portable energy harvesting unit that is made up of a composite beam that consists of a cantilever shim with an attached piezoelectric layer and a proof mass at its end. The device when directly attached to a vibrating surface, places the whole structure in an accelerating frame of reference. The proof mass essentially converts the input base acceleration into
an effective inertial force at the tip that deflects the beam, thereby inducing
mechanical strain in the piezoelectric layer. This strain produces an effective
voltage in the layer that is converted into usable power with the help of a power
processor. I have found a guide that anyone can use to build free electric generators,small and large.

for a guide to create free electric with piezoelectric energy harvesting A.K.A Ambient Vibration Energy click here!!!